Special Occasion Cakes

At Jessica Lauren Cakes I can design, bake and ice a special occasion cake that will be as special and as individual as your celebration. All of my celebration cakes are individually designed, lovingly baked and passionately decorated according to your requirements. Whatever the design, I offer a variety of custom options including the flavour, colour, detail and filling.

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Pricing for Special Occasion cakes is bespoke and depends on your individual requirements see below for a quick guide to starting prices:

  • Buttercream cakes are priced from £45.00 for a cake serving 6-12 decorated simply with confetti sprinkles
  • Drip cakes are priced from £65.00 for a cake serving 6-12 
  • Iced cakes are priced from £100.00 for a medium sized 8" round cake serving 16-24
  • Novelty shaped cakes are priced from £150.00
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